National Handloom Award (GOLD) 1995-96

National Handloom Award, 1993-94

State Handloom Award, 2015


About Us

    "The Assam Co-operative Silk House Ltd" was the result of 5 visionaries of the world famous silk village Sualkuchi namely Late Parashuram Mahajan, Late Kaliram Karikar, Late Mahiram Mahajan, Late Harbilas Karikar and Late Kamala Kanta Das dating back to the year 1935. They envisioned a dream of starting a Co-operative Society for the welfare of the weaver community of Sualkuchi. Their dream came true on the 25th of August, 1941 (Reg. No - 3 of 1941), when "The Assam Co-operative Silk House Ltd" was registered as a Co-operative society under The Co-operative Societies Act.

   "KALPATARU" is a major part of our Organization and is a multi product showroom of our Society. It is situated at the heart of Guwahati city at Panbazar. It has one of the biggest showroom selling different varieties of silks such as Muga Silk (Golden silk), Eri Silk (Peace Silk / Ahimsa Silk), Mulberry Silk, Tasar and a host of other silk products of the entire North East India.

   "The Assam Co-operative Silk House Ltd" has come a long way since 1941 thereby completing a period of 75 years. Throughout this long journey it have been able to successfully establish its mark at various locations in Assam. We have 9 outlets all over Assam namely :

1. The Assam Co-operative Silk House Ltd, Panbazar, Guwahati – 1 (Head Office).



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    Sualkuchi is located about 35 kms from Guwahati city and 28 kms from Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Borjhar and situated in the North bank of mighty river Brahmaputra. Sualkuchi in Assam is well known for its tradition of excellence in production of silk hand-woven textiles. Silk weaving and reeling etc have been in Sualkuchi an age old affair, descending down from generation to generation for centuries.

   Assamese literature and scriptures bear ample testimony to the silk weaving of Sualkuchi, also known as "The Manchester of the East". The hand-woven silk fabric of Sualkuchi on Mulberry and Muga occupies a vital role in the economy of the state. The art of Muga culture was known in ancient Kamrupa as early as the epic age and silk was used as early as the Vedic age.

   The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi visited Sualkuchi on 9th January, 1946 and made no exaggeration when he remarked "Every women of Assam is a born weaver. No Assamese girl can expect to become a wife if she does not weave. And she weaves fairy tales. Some of the old patterns were matchless beauty."

   The great King of Kamrupa, "Bhagadutta" during the period of "Mahabharata" fought in the famous "Kurukshetra war wearing hand-woven dresses – "Subwarnakudai Vastra". The ancient kings of Assam patronized the development of Muga culture extracted from the rare silk moth "Antheraea Assama" producing the Golden silk. This patronage led to its advancement, for it was obligatory on the part of every household to rear silkworm, reel the yarn and weave the fabric. The tradition of rearing and weaving is still maintained and silk has remained the dress material for the average Assamese maiden and regular costume for the village women. Age old, glamorous brocade like "Kinghap", "Gomseng", "Karchip", "Sisupat" of silk still adorn the aristocratic households. Sualkuchi produces different range of silk products like Mekhela Chaddar, Riha (Assamese Women Apparels), Sarees – 6 yards of splendour, Dhara (Khasi women apparel), Dara – Chaddar (Bride Dress), Gamocha, Dress material in yards etc.

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