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At Kalpataru we specialize in Muga Silk fabrics , Eri Silk fabrics, Mulberry Silk Fabrics, Assamese Pat fabrics, Cotton fabrics and a host of other items.

Muga Silk, also known as Golden Silk (scientific name -Antheraea assamensis ) is the world’s only natural silk which has a natural golden luster. Muga silkworm is reared exclusively in the state of Assam in India.  It has the highest tensile strength amongst all natural silks.

Eri Silk is also known by different names such as Ahimsa silk, Peace Silk, Endi or Errandi. It is formed by the Eri Silkworm (Philosamia ricini) . Eri is a multivoltine silk spun from open-ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk.  The silk is used indigenously for preparation of chaddars (wraps). In India, this culture is practiced mainly in Assam and the north-eastern states. Since the worms do not get killed during the process of silk extraction hence it is also known as Ahimsa Silk or Peace Silk. 


We specialize and produce high quality and wide range of Muga Silk (Golden silk) fabrics , Eri Silk (Ahimsa silk, Peace Silk, Endi or Errandi) fabrics, Mulberry Silk Fabrics, Assam Silk fabrics, Cotton fabrics, Silk Sarees, Mekhala Chadars etc. All our products are of unique designs, colours and patterns. The weavers weave dreams into each handwoven fabrics.

OUR U.S.P. : Our Muga, Eri, Tasar & Mulberry silks are all certified as pure silk (Silk Mark label) by

Silk Mark Organization of India, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.



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